2channel/5channel Slang List

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Here you can learn 2channel/5channel language they often use. These words, phrases, or slang are almost exclusive to the site so you shouldn’t speak or write it outside or you’ll be labeled as weirdos or perverts!

スレ /sure/
e.g. 糞スレ立てんな “stop making shit threads.”

レス /resu/
response, post.
e.g. レス乞食乙 “You post whore.”

e.g. CCさくら板 “/C.C.Sakura/.”

名無し /nanashi/
anonymous, anon. A default name for anonymous posters.
e.g. 名無しさん@お腹いっぱい。“anon san@stuffed.”

>>1 /ichi/
e.g. >>1乙 “good job OP”

>>1000 /sen/
usually the final post of a thread.
e.g. >>1000なら彼女できる “I’ll get a gf if >>1000”

マジレス /majires/
to post unironically/seriously, tbh, because most posts you see on this site are lies, bantz, or memes, they need some word to make it clear that they’re posting seriously. Now they lie even when they use this phrase though.
e.g. マジレスだけど… “I’ll post unironically…”

put after words to make it mean sth-fag.
e.g. ほむら厨乙 “you Homurafag”

あぼーん /abon/
word put where a post is eliminated.
e.g. あぼーん大杉ワロタ “kek tons of abons here”

wwww /warawarawara/
it’s an abbreviation for 笑 /warai/, the more w-s, the more intensively you laugh.
e.g. wwwww “loooool

ワロタ /warota/
to laugh, lol, kek.
e.g. めちゃくちゃでワロタ “kek it’s all messed up.”

used almost like ワロタ, originates from wwww because it looks like 草 /kusa/, weed.
e.g. カッコよくて草 “kek it’s cool.”

2get /ni-getto/
to get a 2nd post of a thread.
e.g. 余裕の2get! “an easy 2get!”

ROM /romu/
Read Only Member, people who don’t post.
e.g. 1000年ROMってろ “ROM 1000 years before posting”

AA /asukee art/
those famous characters or drawings made of letters.
e.g. 巨大文字AA “Big letter AA.”

うp /upu, upee/
to upload, post.
e.g. 妹うp “Post your little sis.”

kwsk /kuwashiku/
explain further, comes from 詳しく /kuwashiku/.
e.g. まじかよkwsk “Seriously? Explain further.”

age /age/
to bump. Used to try to bump up a thread on thread lists. No effect when put on E-mail box unlike sage tho.
e.g. 晒しage “age for exposure.”

sage /sage/
to limit thread bumping. When put on E-mail box, it does its job.
e.g. ageんな、sageろ “no age, just sage.

嵐、荒らし /arashi/
trolling, shitposting.
e.g. 嵐はスルー “Ignore all the trolling.”

DQN /dokyun/
e.g. DQNがアニメ詳しくてワロタ “kek that DQN is into anime”

自演 /zien/
e.g. 夏厨自演バレバレwww “summerfags’ obvious samefagging lol”

釣り /tsuri/
e.g. 釣り乙 “Obvious bait”

raid, comes from 突撃 /totsugeki/.
e.g. 電凸する“Raid via phone calls.”

晒し、特定 /sarashi、tokutei/
e.g. 晒しスレ “doxing thread”

祭り /matsuri/
festival, an event where the posters cooperate and tyr to do something, especially on a grand scale.
e.g. コイル投票祭り “Magnemite voting festa.”

コピペ /kopipe/
originally an abbreviation for コピー&ペースト /kopee ando pesuto/, copy and paste, now mostly refers to copypasta.
e.g. コピペにマジレスwwww “loool he’s literally replying to pastas.”

ひろゆき /hiroyuki/
Hiroyuki Nishimura, the creator of 2channel who now owns 4chan. He’s referred to as Tarako or Pharaoh on 2channel.

あめぞう /amezo/
a legendary website where Nishimura Hiroyuki(current 4chan owner) posted as a tripfag back then. It’s said to be the prototype of 2channel. So many urban legends around this site.

ヲタ、オタ /wota, ota/
otaku, fag.
e.g. アニヲタ乙 “you animefag”

ピザ /piza/
a fatty person, originates from a famous post 「デブはピザでも食ってろ!」, “just eat pizza or something you fat ass!”.
e.g. ピザはデブでも食ってろ “Just eat a fat ass you pizza!”

女神 /megami/
goddess, female posters who post lewd pics.
e.g. 女神降臨! “Goddess descended!”

originally the abbreviation for おつかれ /otsukare/, good job, now often used for name calling.
e.g. 自演乙 “you samefag”

煽る /aoru/
to troll.
e.g. 煽りまくっててワロタ “kek he’s trolling this hard”

全レス /zenresu/
to reply to all the posts in the thread.
e.g. ニートが全レス “A NEET will reply to all.”

コテハン /kotehan/
abbreviation for 固定ハンドルネーム /kotei handoru neimu/, posters with trips.
e.g. コテハンはNG “tripfags get filtered.”

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