Ep.2 Miracles and magic are real.

August 31, 2019

Just a few days away from the judgement day.

About a month ago, my superior told me to take an exam and get a license called “high pressure gas operator". If you have that, you’re allowed to use high pressure gas. What exactly do you do with such a dangerous thing, you ask? Even I don’t know, but my superior told me to do that so that’s what I will do.

When anime protags are in a dire situation, miracles and magic happen then they’re saved. Now I’m in that kind of situation with tons of pages left to cover. If I’m a protag, then there should be miracles and magic for me. So now, this isn’t just an exam, but the judgement day. You wanna play the main character in a story of your life, don’t you?

The stakes are high. Please, please grant my wish, incubator!